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Ravens Crest East Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is an elected body that represents the Ravens Crest East Membership.


  • Attend various Board and Committee meetings
  • Interface with Management, staff, legal counsel, engineering staff, accountants and a multitude of vendors
  • Provide direction to management to carry out the policies and procedures of the Board of Directors for our Association
  • Develop, review and revise proposals, specifications, contracts, written communications and various other documents
  • Review Homeowner correspondence
  • Carefully monitor how contracts are drafted and enforced to ensure that our Association receives the highest quality of contracted goods and services
  • Analyze and review financial reports including budgets, bank statements, audits and other accounting reports
  • Comply with New Jersey State Condominium laws, Ravens Crest East Bylaws and Master Deed
  • Work toward the proper completion of the upcoming renovation project
  • Interview vendors and other possible future directors when vacancies arise

Board members, who are required to be Unit Owners, are responsible for the overall management of the property, affairs and business of 612 homes and investments, including your own, at Ravens Crest East At Princeton Meadows Condominium Association, Inc. The Board consists of seven (7) seats, which include four (4) officer positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

A seat on the Board is a volunteer position with no monetary compensation. The term that a Board member serves normally consists of a two (2) year commitment.

A Board member has the privilege of representing our “entire” Association. The Board follows the democratic tradition where no one seat dominates the business of the Association. However, each individual seat can make significant contributions to the Board, and our Association. That is, “one person can make a positive difference.”


Tara Strickland, President
Tara Strickland has lived in Ravens Crest since 1997, and has been an owner since 2000. She joined the RCE Board of Directors in 2010.  She spent nearly 10 years working on the editorial side of textbook publishing before taking a job with a private university as Assistant Editorial Director in 2005. In that role, she edits, writes, and directs university publications, including the biannual magazine; writes press releases and works with the media to develop stories about the university; and functions as a member of the marketing team to create a consistent, positive brand across all communications.

She has previously served as the chair of the RCE Social and Welcoming Committee and participated in the search for the new management company in 2003.

Neil Sutter, Vice President

Neil photo

Neil Sutter has been serving on the Board since August 2002. He has served as Director, Secretary, President for 17 years and currently serves as the Vice President. He has resided here since 2000. He has been instrumental for the financial turnaround of the Association in 2003 as well as one of the primary architects of the Renovation Project. He has also assisted in organizing social events such as pool parties, easter egg hunts, Earth Day cleanups and Valentine's day parties. He also helped support the start up of the Neighborhood Watch Patrol and developed the photo ID pool pass system which reduced pool issues. He has also been a catalyst in making the Association one of the more technically advanced in the state to create a fast paced and efficient office. Verizon Fios and LED lights 

He currently works for AIG, a world leader in insurance services and is a fortune 100 company, as a Senior Business Systems Analyst working on enterprise wide document management system solutions to make the claims and underwriting process paperless. He has also worked in various capacities in the past in the printing, publishing and photo journalism fields. Mr. Sutter also serves on the Board of Directors for the Central New Jersey Syracuse University Alumni Club.

Patricia Kuntz, Secretary
Patty Kuntz has lived in Ravens Crest East since 2001 and was appointed to the Board February 2012. She was elected to the Board by membership in March 2012.  

She worked at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for 12 years working in the area of Grants Results Production.
Richard Naldoza, Treasurer
Richard was elected to the Board in March 2016.
Linda Greenwald, Director
Linda was elected to the Board in March 2019

She has owned her unit at Ravens Crest East since 2007.  At the time that she moved to Ravens Crest, Linda also started her own Financial Planning Practice and now owns an Ameriprise Franchise.  Several years after moving to Ravens Crest, Linda met her future husband, also an original owner and long-time Ravens Crest resident.  Linda has maintained long time friendships and business relationships with many of the former and current residents of Ravens Crest!  She is also an active member of the Allentown Garden Club and her private gardens have been on the Garden Club Tour.   Managing a successful business, maintaining relationships,  an understanding of finances and an eye towards aesthetic beauty are some of her key areas of strength.  “I am excited to be working on the Board for Ravens Crest East Condominium Association!”      


Nishi Shah, Director
Nishi was elected to the Board in March 2019 

He is a technology visionary helping Fortune 500 clients in improving the operational efficiencies with digital enablement. He achieved his MBA from Columbia Business School and Bachelor of Engineering from Sardar Patel University, India.


Outside of work, He is a US Swim official and enjoys his time volunteering in NJ swim meets. He is an active member of Princeton Toastmaster and also mentors younger kids in ETS Youth Leadership Program.


He is a father of two and lived only in Plainsboro for all his US Life. As the first generation immigrant, Nishi established himself from the great financial struggles of the initial years, and will be always thankful to the friends at Ravens Crest community for supporting him to get through those years.

As a board member, he aspires to bring transparency for the Ravens Crest community owners and residents and encourages every member of the                                            community to volunteer their time and skills for the betterment of our neighborhood.

Mohammed Shariff

Mohammed was elected to the Board in March 2019

I have the vision for a prosperous Ravens Crest East that provides more to its residence while exercising cost saving measures.

For more than 30 years I have enjoyed living in Plainsboro and now that I have retired I plan to devote my time to serve Ravens Crest East community as an ambassador to the people of the community. I plan to work extensively with the board and management in reducing the cost and delinquencies, and to have transparency. 

I graduated in 1976 with honors from Teeside University, England in Mathematics and Computer Science and also hold a patent in telecommunication project.  I worked at various companies as consultant before joining to work for a leading telecommunication company for 30 years. I worked and managed successfully various projects including, Finance, Billing, Operation Research, Fault Management etc. with successfully adopting the working conditions and fast moving technological and global changes in the industry since the early 70’s. 

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